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Aligning Your Values with How You Invest Your Time | Warren Rustand

Episode Summary

Warren Rustand shares how he managed to be highly successful in business while still keeping his most important priority — his family — first.

Episode Notes

As you set out to achieve extraordinary results, it’s natural to feel tension between your personal and professional life.

When you’re working hard to create a better life for yourself and your family, it feels like you have to make sacrifices of time with family or personal hobbies.

But Warren Rustand doesn’t think that sacrifice is necessary. He was clear that family was his core priority, so he made sure he was always putting them first. Even while working as the CEO of six significant companies, sitting on the board for over 50 companies, or working in the White House for a United States President, he still found a way to honor his commitment and say yes to the things that matter most first.

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