The ONE Thing

How Tiny Habits Create Extraordinary Change | BJ Fogg, PhD

Episode Summary

BJ Fogg, author of “Tiny Habits,” shares how the key to accomplishing big goals is to start small.

Episode Notes

What if we told you that you are only one habit away from making your goal a reality?

It’s the truth. The problem is that, while habit formation is simple, it can be challenging. For anyone who’s tried to make a habit stick you know what it feels like to struggle with consistency and doubt.

BJ Fogg, the author of the best-selling book “Tiny Habits”, is going to help you understand that the key to habit formation is not about thinking big and acting big: It’s about thinking big and going small and trusting that, if you can identify that domino and whack away at it, all of the other dominos will fall. Some habits take longer to form than others, and that’s why we’re having this conversation today. We’re going to dissect why the key to habit formation is all about forming tiny habits.

Going small takes courage when our ego wants to go big. The path to getting everything you want starts with one thing at a time. Do you have the courage to go small? We want to be on the journey with you. Visit to attend our Virtual Goal Setting Retreat.

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